SAS and Elite Forces Guide Armed Combat: Fighting with Weapons in Everyday …

The book explores the different uses of hand weapons, from pistols to semiautomaticsto sniper’s rifles, from flick knives to machetes, from stun grenadesto CS gas, from knuckle-dusters to nunchaku sticks. With tips and techniquesfrom combat experts, the book explains which weapon to choose for givensituations and how to use each weapon.With more than 300 easy-to-follow […]

Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence

“Bongiovanni’s message should be heeded, especially in Brussels, Berlin and Paris” – John Peet, Political Editor, The Economist Francesco Bongiovanni returns with a sequel to The Decline and the Fall of Europe, a book Guardian journalist Nils Pratley labelled ‘a wake-up call for the twenty-first century’. Since 2012 Europe has been confronted with new, unexpected game-changing challenges […]