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Diamond Handbook: A Practical Guide to Diamond Evaluation (Newman Gem & Jew…

The Diamond Handbook, 2nd edition is a full-color, comprehensive guide to evaluating and identifying diamonds, which is aimed at trade professionals, gemology students, serious diamond buyers, and people who want more diamond evaluation information than they can get on the Internet. Besides providing in-depth information on diamond grading, it compares the new cut grading systems and diamond light performance reports of various gem laboratories. It also discusses and illustrates new diamond…

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Survival And Event History Analysis

Pub Date : 2008-09-16 | Author : Odd Aalen | Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN 10 : 9780387685601
ISBN 13 : 038768560X

The aim of this book is to bridge the gap between standard textbook models and a range of models where the dynamic structure of the data manifests itself fully. The common denomina..

Applied Mineralogy

Pub Date : 2012-03-05 | Author : Swapna Mukherjee | Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN 10 : 9789400711624
ISBN 13 : 940071162X

This book covers the entire spectrum of mineralogy and consolidates its applications in different fields. Part I starts with the very basic concept of mineralogy describing in deta..

Differential Privacy And Applications

Pub Date : 2017-09-20 | Author : Tianqing Zhu | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9783319620046
ISBN 13 : 3319620045

This book focuses on differential privacy and its application with an emphasis on technical and application aspects. This book also presents the most recent research on differentia..

The Cambridge N Body Lectures

Pub Date : 2008-09-02 | Author : Sverre Aarseth | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9781402084317
ISBN 13 : 1402084315

Published under the auspices of the Royal Astronomical Society, this volume contains a set of extensive school tested lectures, with the aim to give a coherent and thorough backgro..

Quartz Deposits Mineralogy And Analytics

Pub Date : 2012-04-23 | Author : Jens Götze | Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN 10 : 9783642221613
ISBN 13 : 3642221610

The book will include contributions of the state of the art of quartz raw materials (deposits and properties) and their analytics. The chapters are presented by leading scientists ..

Introduction To Mineralogy

Pub Date : 2016-11-23 | Author : Professor Emeritus of Geology at the Department of Earth Sciences William D Nesse | Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN 10 : 0190618353
ISBN 13 : 9780190618353

Introduction to Mineralogy, Third Edition, consolidates much of the material now covered in traditional mineralogy and optical mineralogy courses and focuses on describing minerals..

Graphic Storytelling

Pub Date : 1996 | Author : Will Eisner | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0961472820
ISBN 13 : 9780961472825

Examines the fundamentals of storytelling in comic book style and offers advice on story construction and visual narratives...

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